Today’s Project: JBL PowerBass PB12 Troubleshooting

All about that bass (sorry, but I had to)

The problem

The PB12 Subwoofer
The PB12 Subwoofer

I got this JBL PowerBass subwoofer free from an old client, and it sounds real nice. I’m not an audiophile, or a serious home theater person, but I like well-rounded sound. This thing fills in just the right amount of kick when listening to music, and that’s with the level control set around 10-20%. I’ve never had it above 50% for fear of what might happen to these old cracked plaster walls. All and all, it’s a very nice addition to an almost-decent set of speakers.

Well, it was, anyway. A few months after I got it, it started randomly dropping out; clicking in and out of standby mode. My first thought is that there’s just a loose connection in there that needs re-soldering. Let’s find out together, shall we? Continue reading “Today’s Project: JBL PowerBass PB12 Troubleshooting”