Hi there! I’m Steve. I make stuff occasionally, and I learn about all kinds of things for no good reason.

I’ll go into a bit more detail whenever I get around to writing a proper “About Me” page, but this will do for now.

My major interests, and thus the major topics of this blog, are Linux, amateur radio, home automation, and tinkering with electronics. Read on for a bit more about what I’ve got in mind.

I’m in Saint Paul, Minnesota, having bought a house here back in March of ’15. Don’t be surprised if the occasional home improvement post pops up on here.

I’m a belong (sorta) to a local Hackerspace/Makerspace/whatever the currently accepted term is. They’re Twin Cities Maker, at the Hack Factory. Check them out, they’re awesome.

Here’s a few of the topics I expect to cover with my next few posts:

  • Linux
    • Deploying a general-purpose CentOS 7 virtual server on Linode
    • Configuring Apache and deploying a WordPress blog
    • Deploying a TeamSpeak 3 server
  • Amateur Radio (I’m K0MCG, if you couldn’t guess that)
    • Local ham radio clubs and activities (well, local to me, anyway)
    • Lots of APRS stuff.
  • Home automation stuff
    • Maybe a thorough review of the Wink home automation hub

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