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Hi, everyone.

I’ve had an unexpectedly great response to my earlier post, Amateur Radio 101, and I can’t wait to get the next one in the series out for you all. Thanks so much for stopping by!

I thought I’d let you know what I’m working on for my next few posts, so here they are, in no particular order. All subject to change, of course. I tend to write about whatever I’m in the mood for at any given moment. Find the list after the break.

  • Amateur Radio 102: Basic Usage
  • A multi-part series on deploying, configuring, and securing a Linode VPS, for use as a personal web and email server.
  • A programming guide for the cheap Chinese ham radios, like the Pofung UV-5r
  • A review of the Wink home automation hub and app
  • A bunch of stuff about APRS, one my favorite bits of amateur radio technology
  • A quick list and review of the assorted WordPress plugins I’m using on this site
  • Maybe a few short posts about some project ideas I haven’t been able to work on yet
  • Assorted QuickTips (Useful little bits of information from my notes, written as I’m working on my own projects)

Keep coming back! I’ll be opening this site up for people to subscribe to soon, so that you can get email updates when I post something new. (Optionally, of course)

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7 thoughts on “Upcoming Posts”

  1. testing- it seems I’s are being removed when I hit submit? I thought it was my keyboard, but this message looks perfect as I am typing it.

    1. Yes, that does seem to be happening. Very odd. I did update a couple plugins today; I’ll have to check into it tonight.

    2. Looks like a previous plugin update introduced a bug. It seems to be fixed now, thanks for pointing it out.

        1. Glad to hear it. Keep on checking back, I’ve got a couple neat things in the works over the next few weeks!

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